Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Decal's in 2012!!!


  1. Dear Drastic Plastic,

    Your decals looks great.

    I am looking forward to both the Boston Shaker and the Black Magic Vegas.

    Any plan to design the decals sheets for the 1977 Boston Shaker Monza and the 1977 Black Magic Vega driver by RC Sherman.

    I am also interested in 1975, 1976, and/or 1977 versions Custom Body Dodge Sport. I am thinking of combining those with the latest Tom McEwen 1/25th kit released by Revell.

    Thank you very much, regards


  2. Dear Dragstic Plastic, I would love to buy your decals, but I can only buy one at a time. Also, where can I buy the resin funny car bodies like the 79 trans-am, the dodge omni. Please give me a call, I would like to place a large order with you. My name is... Don Eckert 314-504-2067 Thank you